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Rational Move is a UAE based company, managed by an experience UAE national who do have an expertise in general management field. Due to vast knowledge …
Robust operations will always enhance the companies and governmental entities profitability. With Rational Move expertise we can help you to identify your operation…
Change is all about people; Change is part of any organizations in the business world. Several forces will push you to change the way you work or deliver your tasks today,…

Project Development and Financing

Project & Construction management

Project Feasibility and Risk Studies

Contracts Administration

Strategic Consulting Services

Claims Management

Strategy & Planning

Decision makers in any organization must have clear strategy with plan on how to implement such a strategy, the trend in UAE to have 5 years plane with 1 year detail plan. Developing such a strategy will require huge efforts from the executive and the leaders of any organization with challenges and pressure coming from a volatile market and big uncertainty. We can support you in setting up your strategy if do not have or assess your current strategy whether you are on track of deviated.  We can use our best expertise in Rational Move to prepare for our clients a clear plan of each year for 5 years with their deliverables. This will help our clients to have the best possible result of their Strategy by preparing the right documents, and we will recommend to them using the best suitable tools for such strategy.

As a Rational Move we can support you to set a high level reporting document to measure the performance level to achieve this strategy.

Organization Restructure

Now days, most of the companies and governmental entities are facing a lot challenge such as Budget cut, staff layoff, unstable market share and high completion. All those challenges will put pressure on the organizations to restructure as a response to the market volatility, Rational Move can reassess your existing org structure and advice you with new org structure which can suit your business and enhance your agility to the market change.

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