What Guys Think…

What Guys Think…

This is an anonymous myspace bulletin that my buddy Nick posted up. Many Thanks Nick!

We don’t care if you speak to other dudes. We don’t care if you’re friends along with other dudes.

However when you’re sitting close to us, plus some guy that is random to the space and you also hop up and tackle him, without also presenting us, yeah, it pisses us down.

It does not assist in the event that you sit here and keep in touch with him for ten full minutes without also acknowledging the reality that we’re nevertheless there.

We don’t care if some guy calls you, but at 2 into the early morning we do get just a little concerned.

Nothing is crucial at 2 a.m. It can’t wait till the early morning.

Additionally, whenever we let you know you’re pretty / gorgeous / gorgeous / adorable / stunning, we freaking mean it.

Don’t tell us we’re incorrect. We’ll end attempting to persuade you.

The sexiest thing about a lady is self- confidence. Yeah, you are able to quote me personally.

Don’t be angry whenever we support the hinged home available. Use the mood we’re in.

Why don’t we buy you! Don’t “feel bad. ” We enjoy carrying it out. It’s expected. Read More