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When camouflage is applied to the Commando, it appears noticeably more worn than when applied to any other assault rifle, with scratches and paint chipping present. The subject matter of this article was cut from the final version of a Call of Duty game. The Commando is available through the Mystery Box and is very effective when used in conjunction with Speed Cola due to both high accuracy and power. However, its high rate of fire may burn through ammo quickly, especially if the player is using Double Tap Root Beer. The Suppressor reduces muzzle flash, makes the Commando sound much quieter when firing, and the user will not appear as a red dot on the Minimap when firing the Commando.

  • The Confederate minister Rish Loo used commando droids against Jedi General Anakin Skywalker and Senator Padmé Amidala when his plan was exposed.
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  • As the strategic situation worsened, it became increasingly difficult to employ them in the manner intended, as they were called upon as reinforcements to the rest of the army.
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However, due to the fact that the Jedi had not yet been prepared to lead an army, nor could they distinguish clone commandos from regular infantry troops, roughly fifty percent of the commandos died in the first battle. Despite their training as elite soldiers, the commandos were unfit to perform the role of the infantry-based clone troopers. In the aftermath of the battle, squads that survived intact were kept together, such as Delta Squad, while surviving commandos from various squads were merged together, thus creating new units like Omega Squad. Over the course of the Clone Wars, the commandos were set to work in various other flash-points across the galaxy, wreaking havoc on the Separatist forces. When the Clone Wars erupted between the reigning Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, the clone commandos had just completed a decade of training and were prepared for deployment into Republic service. The Kaminoans’ efforts to breed a special forces unit resulted in a number of small, operational squads, each capable of carrying out self-contained or campaign-augmenting missions.

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It is one of few shoulder pieces that utilizes the player’s selected secondary color instead of his or her primary color. After Real Commando Meridian fell, all contracts that Chalybs had were absorbed into companies that survived the war. NCC was the company that got a hold of Commando and started to circumvent its GEN1 limitations, making the armor more open for more users, and beginning production of the GEN2 of the Commando armor.

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Dhruva has a large range of supporting characters who have played significant roles in his story arcs. While some help to define the character of Super Commando Dhruva itself, other have played significant roles in giving a direction to the story arcs that they have been part of. G. Rajan has been a constant presence in Dhruva titles and has been very useful not only as the chief of police but also as a father-figure and a constant source of inspiration. When a supervillain Alchemist almost forced Dhruva into retirement by endangering his family’s life by targeting Rajan Mehra and Dhruva’s sister Shweta, it was Dhruva’s father who motivated him to keep going. Dhruva’s preferred mode of transport is his special motorbike. The bike is specially designed and optimised to suit his needs.