Guidance For Extroverted Ladies Who Desire To Date an Introverted Guy

Guidance For Extroverted Ladies Who Desire To Date an Introverted Guy

From time to time I have a message from a frustrated extroverted girl that is smitten with an introverted guy. Frequently stated girl has recently appeared through my websites, desperately trying to find answers to her dating dilemmas. She actually is having problems interpreting the guy’s behavior that is introverted. She desires to understand because he isn’t interested or because he’s introverted if he hasn’t made a move. Other concerns that often show up are:

“Should I attempt to restrain, and be more reserved in true to life? around him?” “Can an introvert extrovert relationship work?” “Why is he therefore flirty on Facebook after which scarcely speaks to me”

Being the hopeless intimate INFP I do my best to help these women that I am. Below may be the advice we typically give. You might think it is astonishing.

The things I tell extrovert ladies who introvert , does not suggest he is interested in that he is incapable of pursuing a woman. You, treat you right and make you feel like a lady, you need to shift from being dominant, pursuing, and trying to control things, into a more feminine energy if you want a man who will treasure …

2. Make use of your feminine power by permitting guys to follow you and remaining available to each guys flirting with you and requesting down on dates (not only the man you love). If a guy will not pursue you – it is a bad idea to push him whether he is an introvert or extrovert. If he likes you he can pursue you.

If he’s too timid to even take action, he could be perhaps not the person for you personally. You’re going to be placing your self in a position of constantly needing to end up being the planner and pursuer, which doesn’t feel well. Read More