10 Insights That Will Help Flirt with Nerds

10 Insights That Will Help Flirt with Nerds

just what a weekend that is full had. There have been males every where. Including at Ruby Finch’s birthday celebration, on https://www.datingranking.net/sweet-pea-review/ Friday evening, where I became too chicken to flirt with a few uber-politico that is hot. But we’ll inform you more about the tomorrow weekend.

Today . why don’t we talk about how to flirt with nerds, shall we?

But first: Have you noticed the positively crazy meta-conversation that has exploded from the weblog? Take a look at Friday’s post for responses from Arlo Pumpernickel, protecting Band that is hot man! And Band that is hot Guy back again to defend me personally for finding him (HBG) therefore boring! My thoughts are blown.

After my extremely fun night of speed-dating because of the nerds, I made a decision to get in contact with the person whom arranged and MC-ed your whole occasion, onMatt Wasowski, AKA “The Boss of Nerd Nite” (plus the composer of ab muscles nerdy book, It really is Okay to Like Sports: exactly how ladies, Artists and Intellectuals will get Cultural Value in Athletics.)

Anyhow, we asked Matt (whom discovered a Hot Band Girl–who plays with Palomar — become their gf) if he previously any special advice about how exactly to flirt aided by the nerds . Listed here is exactly just how our discussion went.

MAURA:So, Matt: Nerd-flirting! Let Us talk about.

MATT: there is actually only 1 thing you must know: Get a nerd drunk and have your way with him.


MAURA: Ha! But why don’t we get severe now–very serious. . What is your concept of a nerd?

MATT: Once the Boss of Nerd Nite, i have always maintained a tremendously broad–and therefore, really inclusive–definition of nerd. Your message relates to anybody who is actually passionate and familiar with one thing that is particular. The name is not solely reserved for experts and Trekkies. Read More